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                        Premier Moe’s Strategy in rbon Tax Fight Fails to Serve Saskatchewan People

                        SASKATOON - Scott Moe and the Sask Party’s ongoing strategy of defiance and obstruction on the climate file has provided an enormous disservice to the long term interests of Saskatchewan people, according to the Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party ...
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                        Introducing Eric McCrimmon as Organizational Support Consultant

                        The Saskatchewan Liberal Party welcomes Eric McCrimmon – a recent University of Saskatchewan graduate and ndidate in the 2016 provincial election – to his new role as an Organizational Support Consultant to the Saskatchewan Liberal Party, effective Oct 1, 2018. Eric will be helping grow the party as we prepare ...
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                        Naveed Anwar Announced as Saskatchewan Liberal Leader

                        SASKATOON - The Saskatchewan Liberal Party announced today that Naveed Anwar has been acclaimed as the new leader of the Saskatchewan Liberals. The announcement took place in Saskatoon at an event with lol party members and supporters ...
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                        We're an open and independent politil movement working to help Saskatchewan people, families and businesses grow and prosper through the principles of personal liberty, free enterprise and responsible government.

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                        Leader Naveed Anwar and the Saskatchewan Liberal team are working hard to bring real change for Saskatchewan people through a strong and diversified economy, sustainable communities, leadership in health re, edution that works for everyone, and more open and efficient government.